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Clients Said

We have had the privilege of working with many wonderful clients over the years. Thank you to all my clients, past and present, for making my job so fantastic. Below is a selection of client testimonials for our interior design work:

“Shonna helped us from the design to completion of our home in 2012. She impressed us with her listening skills, her attention to detail, her ideas and her willingness to patiently nurture the best out of our ideas and tastes. She was sensitive to our needs, adapted to meet the challenges that were unique to working with us. In the sometimes overwhelming sea of choices to be made along the way, Shonna’s help narrowed our focus to a manageable view. Together we made decisions that rarely required revision and likely this led to the cost and time efficient completion of our home. Shonna also was on site regularly throughout construction and helped ensure the job was done right the first time. While Shonna clearly has a special skill when it comes to Interior Design, her services and contributions extended well beyond her impressive Interior Design talent. Shonna’s service may have saved us enough money on the construction and outfitting of our home, to pay for her fees. But even if there was added cost, the piece of mind that comes with doing it right and having a project worthy of pride in the end made Shonna’s design and project help worthwhile, without question. It was a privilege to work with Shonna.”

- Dr. Dani Sarbit & Dr. Ross Halperin

“We were very fortunate to have Shonna Fox work with us during the design and construction of our new home. She brings outstanding organization skills, loyalty to her client, creativity, high energy and honesty to the job every day. Shonna was an integral part of our team and our 2012 Tommie Award recognized her contribution.” 

- Robert & Andy Mohr

“I absolutely enjoyed every minute of working with Shonna to furnish and decorate our new home. When I wanted to be involved, Shonna navigated me through the creative process; and when I was too busy, she fully managed the task at hand. In each case, her attention to detail and creative vision were always perfect for us. Shonna is able to extract what a family needs and marries it with style. I can see that the choices she made come from extensive training and experience, and that this will benefit me both in time and budget long-term. So, in many senses, working with Shonna makes so much sense. I don’t buy a thing for my home without running it by her now.” 

- J.P. Barry & Cindy Culmer